Happiness is only real when shared

13. April 2014

One of our most favourite quotes that we are always trying to follow is “Happiness is only real when shared”.

This is true also during our running events. Difference between us and other charities is that our members help handicapped kids actively and are an important part of this process. Happiness and joy are then brought not only to children with special needs but also to runners who accompany them on the track. And the real happiness comes when the whole team crosses the finish line together.

We are happy that most of our 20 teams at Sportisimo Prague 1/2Marathon 2014 worked this way. It is not possible each time and sometimes someone has to stop due to healthy reasons but we always ask our members to cooperate as a team and discuss the speed with other runners. At RWTTC time is not the point number one, here are the safety and joy of the kids and team.

Thank you to all teams that stayed together until the end of the race!

In the gallery you can find the perfect examples of teamwork and shared happiness.

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