Sportisimo 1/2Marathon Prague 2014, RWTTC charity long-term event, is coming!

27. March 2014

Sportisimo 1/2Marathon Prague 2014, RWTTC charity long-term event, is coming! Prague, 05/04/2014, 12:00.

We are very grateful for the ongoing cooperation with the Prague International Marathon (PIM) that both enables our charity to develop and contributes to extraordinary experiences for a growing number of disabled people.

Also thanks to PIM, there will be a record number of 20 RWTTC strollers on the starting line this year! Most of our children will complete the whole race and part of them will participate in the half marathon as a part of a relay team. Attendance have already confirmed more than 28 families with children with special needs. This year, the children will be accompanied by more than 115 Running With Those That Can’t runners.

All the preparations, which began in November 2013, are culminating these days and we are doing our best to avoid all the potential complications so we can all enjoy the oncoming D-day. We believe that not only the RWTTC members, but also all our fans and friends, are looking forward to Sportisimo 1/2Marathon Prague 2014 and will come to encourage and support our children and runners .

See you on Saturday, the 5th April 2014, start 12:00!

Thank you for all your support!

In the gallery bellow, you can see our growth over the years, during which we participate in half marathons in Prague.

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