The third Saturday of the month = activity with RWTTC children

26. January 2014

Innovations for this year, that Running With Those That Can’t has prepared, are more activities with children and their families during the season.

 While interviewing children themselves, but also their families, RWTTC members and representatives of our partner charities, we found out that everyone is happy to attend our running races however they would also appreciate more meetings within the year. So we decided to include at least one activity per month and to make it easier we set up the third Saturday of the month as a term.

The program won’t be same each time. Once, we will all go together to Social Care Institution and take the children outside, other time we will organize a small race with the wheelchairs or take kids on walk in the nature.

Every time we will inform you about the activity in advance via our website or Facebook profile and you will get a possibility to sign for it.

We believe, that not only children but also you will welcome this news with enthusiasm and everyone is already looking forward to the third Saturday in February that will be our first one.

We will announce its program soon.

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