Your nice messages and thank you letters

12. April 2014

One of the greatest feeling is when you are reading through all the thank you letters and messages after a succesful event. A lot of them were a big inspiration and dose of energy for us so we decided to share it with you.

“Another awesome Half Marathon and a great day with Running With Those That Can’t completed. Great thanks to Petr Oliva, Georgina Agoitia, the fantastic kids, the runners, and everyone who helped make the day the fun occasion it always is. Special thanks to you, Petr, for carrying this day on your shoulders, and to both you and Scott Keel for the honor of being one of the founding members. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had and you’ve for always inspired me and shown that dreams become and ideas – and those ideas can with passion and good company become reality. Something I’ll always carry with me. Special shoutout to Martin Holec for the final 7k, good times.” AK

“Understanding how lucky we are while helping others always makes for a great day!!! We take so much for granted, though what Petr & Scotty started with RWTTC allows us all to share in the positive energy of giving to others.  If you think we are happy, think how happy and proud the parents and those kids feel today.  We (the team) will all sleep a deep sleep tonight because of the run!  They (the parents & the kids) will sleep even better than us because of the FUN! A special day & thank you for being a great part of it!” DB

“Hi Petr, Thanks again for having us on Saturday. The experience with Honza and the team was life changing. I will definetely join the races also in the future. Just so you know, our son will have his 1st birthday at the end of April. Instead of gifts, we have asked our guests to donate small sums to your account with message „Luka’s birthday gift“. All the best and keep in touch.” JM

“Hello everyone, thank you for taking part in such a special day. I do wish I could have been there to enjoy all the smiles and feel the rush of the event. Life goes on for me in the states. Working hard (miss the prague life style). Wish everyone a speedy recovery and hope the memory will last for some time. Enjoy the week on a high note.” SK


You can find another nice and motivating messages in the czech version of this article.

Thank you for your support and help. We couldn’t have made it without you!


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