Zuzanka is the latest owner of the new wheelchair

26. January 2014

On Saturday, January 13th our organization Running With Those That Can’t donated a special sport wheelchair to thirteen-year-old handicapped Zuzanka. At this point we would like to say thank you to our partner Hospital Beroun – Jessenia, a.s. which purchased the wheelchair.

The whole family tested the stroller just after the donation and Zuzanka’s mum said: “We live closed to the Lipno lake. There are plenty of possibilities to live actively lifestyle however with the classic wheelchair it is not easy. We are really grateful for this stroller and we will use it very often.”

Zuzanka’s dad commented: “We have heard it’s also possible to use this wheelchair on the ski slope. We look forward to try it!”

We believe it will be a significant help and will lead to better life of the family. With Zuzanka we agreed her participation at the half marathon in April.  :)

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