honorary director and founder

I am an Economics graduate of Hampden Sydney College in Virginia, USA and the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague Czech Republic. I started the charity in 2009 while living as an expat in Prague. While studying medicine, I started to notice the struggles families go through when raising a child with special and complex needs. I noticed that the families were neglected by their surrounding community and did not have a strong support group. Most of the country was inaccessible to them. I believe a strong community involves the happiness and inclusion all of its members, even the ones in the shadows.

I set out to create RWTTC to involve its members in a shared sport that focuses on the health and happiness of its team and their families. Through sport many things can be accomplished. I enjoy all sports, spending time with good friends, old and new. I am a lover of cold Czech beer and being involved in the community through different volunteer projects.


I am a 6th year student of Third Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. I play futsal for SK Slavia Praha and Czech national futsal team. In my leasure time, I do appreciate being in a company of my family and closest friends. I like traveling, sport and exploring new things. I started to cooperate with RWTTC due to one of my best friends and founder, Scott Keel. When he told me about this project, explained its goal and asked about joining I immediately said yes.

During the first year I organized a fundrasing event for the charity and ran the ½ Marathon. From the second season I am a real part of RWTTC headquaters that has become an important part of my life. Giving more visibility to people with special needs via sport events and helping them experience the real feeling of racing and winning (that is uncommon for them) makes me sence. Every time I see the happiness of kids and their parents, I know we do a good thing.


From México. Living and teaching in Prague for many years. I think that sharing within your community helps to bring awareness, makes a better world and brings lots of smiles. I got involved and motivated in RWTTC thru my good friend Carlos Bejarano from México who was a key player at the starting of RWTTC.


A couple of years ago I organized the first trail ultramarathon called SUTR54. I spent days running on trails and marking associate director course and I realized how lucky I am that I can just be outside and do what I love. Several months later I was in Paris, running my second marathon and I saw firemen crews carrying disabled kids in special strollers. Later I had a conversation with my friend and to my surprise he told me there were medical students with a similar project running the Prague International Marathon. They called themselves Running With Those That Can’t and I’m proud I can be part of the project that helps “those that can’t” experience the feelings and emotions we healthy runners often take for granted.

head of RWTTC Pardubice

My name’s Petra. I am a medical student who’s currently swotting up hoping to finish the last year and graduate.
I first came across RWTTC in spring 2013, as I was overtaken by several runners dressed in orange pushing wheelchairs during The Prague Hervis Marathon. Some time later, a friend of mine thought that I might be interested in RWTTC and he told me about Petr Oliva. Petr and I met and started planning possible RWTTC races in Pardubice. I enjoy running very much. It is a great source of happiness and vitality for me and thanks to RWTTC, this joy and happiness can be shared with everybody. See you in Pardubice!

race-coordinator, Head of communications with the Parent Project

I am marketing expert and consultant but also a father of son with muscular dystrophy. I deal with building the new brands and communication throughout the Czech market. I am a member of Parent Project organization committee, which brings together families with children ill with muscular dystrophy DMD/BMD. I produce a communication campaigns for this organization (for example the spot with director Jakub Kohák) and also am a Vice-Chairman of the Czech Association for Rare Diseases. I devote my free time to the family and try to help charity organizations. My hobbies include architecture, design and pure nature. I cooperate with RWTTC for more than 3 years and actively help them to organize marathon events for chidren with special needs. Why? RWTTC‘s project makes me feel fascinated. I appreciate the passion and self-evidence of students who participate in the events. I give my support to RWTTC. Their activities have much higher effect for handicaped children that it seems. They are looking for the next event during the whole year. It is amazing to see their joy when they are given a medal after the finish line.

head of communication with Domov Laguna Psáry

I am a general nurse. I studied pedagogy and nursing at the philosophical faculty of the Charles University in Prague. I have worked in the Nursing department of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. Currently I hold the position of the head of the department. For many years I have cooperated with the Home Laguna Psáry which is a facility for mentally handicapped children. I have been taking students of medicine and nursing to the facility so they can learn how the handicapped children live, communicate, and what problems are they challenged with. Scott Keel was one of the students who were not indifferent to the destiny of the children. He has been able to show how to change the words about help into the helping acts.

marketing a PR

Martin je Breezy rider. Miluje nové technologie, které společně se skvělou službou přináší svým klientům. Je pracant a vždy chce vše dotáhnout do nejmenšího detailu. Design ho baví ve všech podobách, nejen ten webový. Mohlo by se zdát, že je kavárenský povaleč, ale právě za šálkem dobré kávy posouvá všechny projekty kupředu. Ve volných chvílích si třídí myšlenky při běhu na nejrůznější vzdálenosti ve městě nebo přírodě, a tím zdokonaluje svoji vytrvalost.

At this point, we would like to say big thank you to co-founders of Running With Those That Can‘t Dr. Adriana Hanke and Carlos Bejarano and others historically active members of the charity Arez Kamali, Jan Pirič and Rakeeb Munir.

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