About us

Running With Those That Can’t (RWTTC) is a charity organization founded in 2009 by students of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. But today, our members are a diverse group of wonderful, friendly people with a wide range of studies and professions.

The main goal

The basic goal of RWTTC is to increase the awareness and visibility of people with special and complex needs and to help integrate them into all aspects of daily life in the community. To achieve this goal, the members of RWTTC have chosen to focus on sporting activities such as long distance running events.

Project statistics

organization start

races every year

donated wheelchairs in 2014

more than 200  
active runners


We have teamed up with the Prague International Marathon (PIM) as an official charity partner. PIM is one of the top marathon organizations in the world that hosts several Gold Medal events throughout the year in the Czech Republic. Through this partnership, we have an exciting opportunity to participate in running league races. This is made possible thanks to the use of special sport wheelchairs that are pushed by a team of runners. We form teams of runners of all skill levels that give everyone a chance to participate. We are therefor able to let the special athletes enjoy this unforgettable experience.

Participation in the race with thousands of healthy runners, from world-class champions to the novice beginner, gives them a feeling of joy and “real” involvement. When they cross the finish line with the help of your legs and energy, it creates a moment that your team will never forget. RWTTC is an elite charity that brings true joy to all those involved that is unrivaled by other organizations.


With the help of individuals and companies, we raise funds for the purchase of these special wheelchairs that are donated to suitable families. We believe that participation in major sporting events and easy accessibility to nature trails by our wheelchairs makes their life more active and fulfilling.

Apart from races we organize trips with the children, visit social care institutions and are always looking for other possibilities on how to be more beneficial.

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